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PERFORM is looking for a Programme Officer in Albania

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Science Communication Study Presented in Tirana

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Call for International Consultant for an Assessment of Master Programme Courses on Research Methodologies

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Research Evidence Contributes to Tax Reliefs for Young Entrepreneurs

Fewer than 8% of young people in Serbia decide to start their own business. A major constraint to their operation is a high tax burden. In 2016, Ministry of Youth and Sport and the Economics Institute worked together on providing evidence and advocating for a change to tax law to allow 2000 EUR savings on taxes for new entrepreneurs. PERFORM facilitated the process by creating a mechanism for collaboration between the Ministry and the research institute.

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Apr 24, 2018

Raising the Quality of Social Science Research in Serbia

Thanks to becoming a member of the European Social Survey, researchers from Serbia can now participate in the most comprehensive global study of citizens in Europe and draw on comparative research results of 30 other countries. PERFORM was instrumental in driving this change.

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