Partnerships are central to our approach and the success of the project


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PERFORM Partners

Partnerships are central to the approach of PERFORM, and for the success of the project.

The important role of partnerships stems from the facilitating role which PERFORM assumes. System actors propose ideas for interventions, they develop interventions in dialogue with the PERFORM team and they take the lead role in implementation. They will provide and invest their own resources in such interventions.

The collaboration evolves into partnerships. The essence of partnerships includes a broad dialogue related to national research systems and their linkages within society, analysis and developing a common understanding of key issues, constraints and opportunities, a process of reflection and learning, that will lead to systemic change and solutions. Partnerships will evolve around interventions; but we foresee an ongoing dialogue that will go beyond specific interventions.

Developing and practicing effective partnerships will increase outreach and impact, sustainability and ownership of the change by partners. Partners bring about the systemic change.

At this point in the development of the project we want to highlight our collaboration with these partners.

Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development
Secretariat for Public Policies
Institute of Social Sciences
Institute of Economic Sciences

Ministry of Education and Sport
Ministry of Urban Development
Prime Minister’s Office, Strategic Planning Unit
Canadian Institute of Technology