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PERFORM and PPS Publish the Second Round of the Call for Policy-Oriented Research for Serbian Ministries

Following the first round of the Call for Policy-Oriented Research in September, PERFORM and Public Policy Secretariat (PPS) decided to issue a second round of this Call to finance 3-5 new topics with a total of 50,000 EUR. 

The Call is opened for the ministries and independent organisations that exercise public authority to nominate their priority topics for studies & analyses that correspond with the priorities of the Government of Serbia. The results of these researches will be used in creation of new policies, strategies and laws. 

The second round of the Call for Policy-Oriented Research is now open until November 24th, and there will be an info session for the interested ministries on November 16th at 11.00h at the Public Policy Secretariat in no.10, Vlajkoviceva Street. 

For more details on the Call and how to apply, please follow the link 

Results of the First Round

The first round of the Call for Policy-Oriented Research was published on 12 September and lasted until 27 September. Ten applications were received in total from seven different ministries & independent organisations, and the following six applications have been accepted: 

  1. Ministry of Labour, Employment, Social Welfare and Veteran Issues: Research on the difficulties encountered in securing the rights to primary healthcare of the beneficiaries of nursing homes for the elderly within the social protection system 
  2. Ministry of Labour, Employment, Social Welfare and Veteran Issues: Monitoring the effects of implementing dedicated money transfers in the social protection system
  3. Ministry of Labour, Employment, Social Welfare and Veteran Issues: Research on family hardships that lead to the decision of Child Services to remove children from their families and the analysis of professional procedures of the Centres for Social Work in this process
  4. Ministry of Justice: Analysis of the necessary harmonisation of criminal legislation in accordance with all negotiation chapters in the process of European Integration
  5. Coordination Body for Gender Equality*: Examining the working potential of female scientists, i.e. strategies, models (and the core values) that help or hinder women to get to decision-making positions; (Since  PERFORM has supported very similar research implemented by CELAP, it has been decided to link the Coordination Body with CELAP and see how they can cooperate together in the next phase)
  6. Ministry without portfolio in charge of Innovations and Technological Development: Quantitative analysis of the influence of Innovation Policy and Industry 4.0 on the development of economy, technological progress and entrepreneurship in Serbia.
A call for researchers is planned to be published in Mid-November.