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Call for Researchers in Serbia

Call for a Study on Resources, Activities and the Potential of Science Associations in Serbia and the Western Balkans

The ability of scientific associations to internally structure a field and to provide infrastructure to scientists and to externally represent its field to other social stakeholders is important to the development of the social sciences and the humanities. However, the quantity of their activities and the effectiveness of these organisations are determined by different factors such as the funding of the associations, their resources and their relationships with other organisations.
In this framework, PERFORM is seeking to contract an experienced local researcher to undertake a comprehensive assessment study on the current situation of national science associations in Serbia and regional associations in the Western Balkans in the fields of social science and humanities. The study should map the existing associations in a selection of scientific fields and investigate the funding, the resources and the activities of selected associations, and assess their impact on the scientific discipline and the scientists within that field. In particular, the study should explore the gaps in the activities and show potential paths for strengthening the organisational capacity and for enhancing the integration of these associations in the national and international science system. 

Objectives of the Study

The study is expected to have the following objectives:
1. Gain a thorough understanding of the current landscape of science associations in the fields of social sciences and humanities in Serbia and the Western Balkans, including but not limited to, the following components:
  • Mapping the existing associations
  • Describing their financing and resources
  • Describing and assessing their activities; compare them to an international standard
  • Describing and assessing the relevance and impact of their work for the scientists, the fields of science and the science system. 

2. Develop clear and comprehensive recommendations for measures/mechanisms addressing the strengthening of these associations. 

Expected Results

A comprehensive map of science associations in Serbia and regional associations in the Western Balkans and an in-depth report on associations in a selected sample of scientific fields, that describes and explains the following subthemes:
  • Funding and financing model
  • Activities, goals and relationships with other organisations
  • Impact on the field

Targeted recommendations for decision-makers, scientific organisations, and PERFORM that will address challenges and contribute to the increased effectiveness of these associations.

Requirements for applicants

  • (Post)graduate degree in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities;
  • At least 3 years of relevant research experience in the field of social science and humanities; ideally in the field of organisational studies;
  • Very good understanding of the science system in Serbia;
  • Experience with internationally funded research projects;
  • Excellent analytical and writing skills;
  • Proven team worker;
  • Full professional fluency in English.

Financial offer

  • This assignment will cover the period of early December 2017 – early March 2018
  • The local researcher will work for a maximum of 40 days
  • Applicants should submit a financial offer specifying the gross remuneration fee per day, and total amount. Expenses incurred for regional and wider travel shall not be included in the financial offer. These costs will be paid by PERFORM directly.

Application process

  • Cover letter/Expression of interest; 
  • Full professional curriculum vitae, including full list of academic publications.
Please submit your application in English to the following email address:
The deadline for submission is 20 November 2017 by 17.00h. 
Only the shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview.