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Workshop in Tirana on Quality Assurance for Public Higher Education Institutions

Lack of certain bylaws in support of the Law on Higher Education and Scientific Research, as well as lack of internal quality assurance capacities limit the operations of public universities when it comes to meeting the quality standards. This was the main conclusion of the workshop organised in Tirana on October 17, 2017 by PERFORM on Quality Assurance for Public Higher Education Institutions. 

The workshop that gathered quality assurance staff and lecturers from three public universities, located in Durres, Shkodra and Elbasan, focused on quality standards in the public higher education institutions, systems required to assure meeting these standards, as well as on the institutional accreditation process performed by the British Quality Assurance Agency together with the Albanian Accreditation Board.

The participants agreed that the internal self-assessment process, held in the frame of the accreditation process, was a useful exercise for both the administration and academic staff in order to understand the importance of quality. Moreover, they stated that the final report issued by the self-assessment team served as a base for the external assessment as well as a monitoring instrument to gather a lot of information and documents on what was going on at the university level. 

Regarding the external factors affecting the quality assurance, it was underlined that the absence of certain bylaws in support of the Law on Higher Education and Scientific Research limits the operations of public universities. Meanwhile, with regards to the internal factors, a need for a revision of job descriptions was highlighted, so as to include responsibilities related to quality assurance, along with capacity building activities and regular exchange between the university staff at the national level.

PERFORM Albania will further support this process by organising a series of activities in order to enhance the joint work towards the achievement of establishing and operating quality assurance systems in public universities.