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Open Call for a Study on Cooperation between SSRS and Private Sector in Albania

PERFORM Albania is seeking to contract a local experienced researcher to undertake a comprehensive study on the potential collaboration between social science research community and the private sector in Albania. 

Cooperation between the private sector and the social science research sector in Albania so far has been on a very low level, mainly due to lack of interest of both parties in establishing such a cooperation. Private sector companies have little interest in social science research results, as they are seen as insufficiently applicable and too removed. On the other hand, there is a widespread opinion in academic circles that scientific research primarily means scientific work within the academic realm without it being necessarily driven towards problem solving.

However, given the important role that the private sector plays in societal development and growth, PERFORM wants to explore the potentials for collaboration between the private sector and social science research (SSR) sector in Albania. 

This assignment will cover the period of 6 November 2017 – 31 January 2018, with a maximum of 40 working days.
The deadline for submission is 25 October 2017

For more details, please see the full text of the Call here.