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How to improve Science Communication in Albania and Serbia

PERFORM is supporting a research project on Understanding Current Practices of Science Communication in Albania and Serbia – Recommendations for Enhancing Effectiveness.

The objectives of such a research are to: 
  1. Gain an understanding of the current performance of science communication: practices, analyses, impacts; 
  2. Identify key (underlying) factors that drive and impede good science communication; 
  3. Develop recommendations for support measures that will address those factors critical to a more impacting science communication.
PERFORM itself, the social science research community, and relevant policy institutions in Serbia and Albania will use these recommendations as a basis for developing action plans on improving science communication in their respective countries.

The research project will address issues of science communication within the science community, with policymaking institutions, the public and the media.
The research team is composed of two local research teams, one in Albania and one in Serbia, guided by the University of Graz. The kick off meeting of the team was held at the University of Graz in June, while the study is expected to be finalised by mid-October 2017.