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Improving the Environment for Youth Entrepreneurship

National Youth Council of Serbia (KOMS) organised a meeting in Sremski Karlovci on improving the intersectoral cooperation on youth policies. The overall conclusion was that government institutions need to be more actively involved in solving issues such as lack of entrepreneurial skills, high tax burden, lack of mentorship and capital among young people. 

Ministry of Youth and Sport (MOS) presented the research they commissioned from the Economic Institute and supported by PERFORM: “Analysis of the regulatory framework for entrepreneurs focusing on the three most potential sectors, proposing simplified procedures for young entrepreneurs”. MOS believes that the findings of this research could help create an enabling environment for all young people wishing to start their own business. 
This research study was part of a pilot initiative of PERFORM and Public Policy Secretariat, which was aimed at developing structures and mechanisms for collaboration between social science research and policy institutions in creating and feeding evidence into policymaking. Now the Ministry uses the study as an advocacy tool with relevant state bodies and institutions who are in charge of creating new laws and improvement of existing policies for youth entrepreneurship that will positively influence general economic climate in Serbia.
PERFORM plans to continue supporting the Ministry of Youth and Sport in establishing a national network of junior researchers dealing with youth issues.