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Call for Applications - European Social Innovation Competition 2017 in Athens

PERFORM offers to sponsor two teams to participate in the launch of 2017 European Social Innovation Competition in Athens on 28 February 2017, with a view of actually competing for the award by submitting a proposal by mid-2017. 

The organisers of the European Social Innovation Competition will select three projects and fund them with up to 50,000 Euro.

This year’s competition will be looking for social innovations that allow everyone equally to seize the opportunities offered by digital transformation and technological change.

How to apply for the support for participating in the launch event in Athens?

PERFORM invites interdisciplinary teams of up to three members (preferably information technology, social sciences/humanities, civil society) to apply with a one-page outline of their idea for a proposal to the European Social Innovation Competition with CVs of the team members by Monday 20 February, 10.00h.

PERFORM will inform applicants about the results of their application by Wednesday 22 February. Eligible are teams from Serbia and Albania. Applications from Serbia should be sent to, applications from Albania to   

PERFORM will cover costs of travel and accommodation in Athens. For more details on the competition, please visit:

*Photo by EU Social Innovation