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Seminar on Accreditation Process held in Tirana

After supporting the process of drafting by-laws to the Law on Higher Education and Scientific Research in Higher Education Institutions, PERFORM continues to support the Accreditation Process of higher education institutions in Albania.

Following the reform on higher education lead by the Ministry of Education and Sport of Albania in 2015-2106 and the substantial update of the accreditation process, the second group of universities are preparing to start their review.

The accreditation procedure is composed of two steps: first, universities complete a series of self-assessment reports, and then external evaluation teams visit the universities and compile a set of observations. Finally, an accreditation report is drafted, informing each university of their performance and the recommendations of the accreditation board/team. 

The seminar, held on January 19 and hosted by the Canadian Institute of Technology (CIT) in Tirana, welcomed 14 participants from different public universities, including University of Shkodra, University of Vlora and University of Gjirokastra, as well as non-public ones, including Albanian University and CIT.

During the seminar, the participants had an opportunity to learn about experiences in accreditation process of both public and non-public universities, as well as to voice their concerns about potential pitfalls and learn how to avoid them during self-assessment reporting.