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PERFORM is supporting the Ministry of Education and Sport of Albania in contracting a National Expert for drafting the National Strategy for Research, Technology and Innovation 2017-2022 and its related Action Plan.

The National Expert is expected to complete a preliminary and final draft of the National Strategy for Research, Technology and Innovation 2017-2022 and related Action Plan in line with the six principles of ERA (European Research Area priorities), as well as with the overall national strategic framework that is currently in force.
In her/his work, the Expert will be assisted by an Advisory Group composed of one Albanian senior researcher, one Albanian junior researcher, one regional expert and one international expert.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

The National Expert is expected to:
  1. Evaluate and reflect on the feedback of the rounds of public consultations and minutes of the meetings of the Working Group on the Strategy document, established by the Order of Ministry of Education and Sport No. 276 dated 31.06.2016;
  2. Identify key gaps and needs in the existing strategic framework for research, technology and innovation and address them in the new strategy;
  3. Identify monitoring indicators for the implementation of the National Strategy for Research, Technology and Innovation 2017-2022 and its Action Plan; 
  4. Submit full preliminary draft of the strategy document and its related Action Plan;
  5. Participate in the consultation meeting(s) organised by the Ministry of Education and Sport with stakeholders, reviewing the preliminary documents;
  6. Consult with the Advisory Group on the feedback received from stakeholder consultations, as well as on their input as a resource body; 
  7. Reflect the comments and suggestions from all stakeholders in the final draft, after consulting with the Working Group on Strategy.


  • Senior professional, with a minimum of ten years of experience in the scientific research sector;
  • Academic title (Associated Professor or above);
  • Ability to analyse issues and information, and clearly define objective, goals, actions, outcome and outputs as part of a draft strategy document;
  • Previous experience in drafting and/or evaluating strategies in the field of science or similar;
  • Extensive knowledge of Albanian policy making procedures; including a clear understanding of national strategy format template, as defined by the Department of Development Policy, Funding and Foreign Aid of the Office of the Prime Minister of Albania; 
  • Record of previous experience working in governance-related projects in Albania would be an asset;
  • Excellent Albanian and English written skills.

Expected Duration of Assignment

This assignment will be carried out during the remainder of December 2016, with a possible extension to January 2017. Detailed time schedule, tasks and milestones shall be agreed upon between the Expert, the Working Group on Strategy, and shared with the staff of PERFORM National Coordination Unit in Albania.


The rate chargeable by the Expert shall be agreed between the Expert and PERFORM. The agreed rate shall cover all social costs and insurances necessary for the consultant to operate in accordance with relevant national legislation; 
Travel and other local costs will not be covered for activities within the city of Tirana. 

How to Apply

The application should include: 
  • A detailed CV, clearly indicating previous relevant experience
  • Indicative financial offer for consultancy. 

Please submit your application in English to  
The deadline for submission is 8 December 2016, at 14:00.

Selection criteria:
The Consultant will be selected on the basis of an overall assessment of competences and relevant experience.