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Young Researchers Listed as Priority of Slovak EU Presidency

On October 25th PERFORM took part in the conference organised by Slovak Embassy in the Republic of Serbia entitled Research and Innovation in EU Accession Process of Serbia and in Practice.

The conference organised as part of the Slovak 2016 Presidency of the Council of the European Union gathered representatives of the Serbian Government, scientific and research institutions, non-governmental and commercial sectors. The participants discussed several important issues related to science research and innovation - accelerating support of the accession process of Serbia in the Chapter 25 Science and Research, establishing support of international collaboration in science and research based on the experiences in Slovakia, pros and cons of smart specialisation strategy for Serbia, knowledge society in the EU Danube Strategy and priorities for the Danube Strategy in 2017. 
PERFORM presented at the conference its main achievements in improving the position of young researchers in their national science systems, as well as their mobility and regional cooperation. PERFORM will continue to work together with the Slovak Embassy on improving the position of young researchers, as it was listed as one of the priorities for the Slovak EU Presidency. In November, PERFORM will support a group of researchers from Albania and Serbia to attend the Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities in Bratislava, where they will have a chance to network with their peers from the EU and discuss obstacles and challenges they face, as well as hear best practices from other countries.