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Still Insufficient Links Between Policy Making and Social Science Research

Belgrade, 25 October 2016 - Institute of Economic Sciences, the Local Coordination Unit of the Regional Research Promotion Programme (RRPP), presented the research results on the position of young social science researchers and the collaboration between social science researchers and policy makers at the National Policy Dialogue.

Results of empirical research on collaboration between the social sciences and policy makers showed that around 55% of researchers consider that they are insufficiently informed when it comes to the specific types of needs and analyses useful for policy makers. Around 50% of researchers have been involved in providing support in policy making processes, however they have been engaged informally through direct contacts, rather than through institutions. This shows that there are still insufficient systemic and long-term linkages between policy making and social science research, which was also stressed by Prof. Vladimir Popovic, State Secretary for Science at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development (MoESTD).

In this regard, the pilots on evidence-based policy making that PERFORM has been supporting were highlighted by some of the participants as a very positive experience and as a model that should be institutionalised. 

Young researchers have also been the focus of RRPP project. Empirical research on the position of young social science researchers in Serbia showed that young researchers are dissatisfied with their financial situation, working conditions, as well as with the support provided by their institutions and MoESTD. 

Following the RRPP activities, which mainly focus on supporting individual researchers, PERFORM focuses on strengthening the social science sector as a whole, with improved quality and relevance of research contributing to socio-economic and political reforms. 

PERFORM has already done substantial work in building systemic linkages between policy making and social sciences and improving the position of young researchers,  as was stressed by PERFORM Programme Officer Gorana Radovanovic, who spoke at the conference about the project and its work.