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Building Capacities of SSRS in Albania for PIA & EIPM

The aim of the workshop was to present the latest methodologies, tools and approaches for Policy Impact Analysis (PIA) and Evidence Informed Policy Making (EIPM).

The workshop was moderated by two professors from the University of Zurich: Prof. Dr Thomas Widmer – Head of Research Policy Analysis & Evaluation, Department of Political Science, and Dr Kathrin Frey – Researcher, Department of Political Science, who provided examples on how evidence-informed policy-making and policy impact assessments are being implemented in Switzerland and familiarised the participants with the latest developments on integral elements, methodological tools and approaches to EIPM and PIA. 

Workshop participants consisting of public officials from the Strategic Planning Unit of the Albanian Prime Minister’s Office, the Albanian Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth and selected social science researchers, engaged in a discussion on EIPM and PIA, and defined the needed support for building their capacities to conduct PIA and for using the results of the assessment in the policy-making.

PERFORM and RRPP (Regional Research Promotion Programme) organised a workshop on “Building Capacities of Social Science Research in Albania for Policy Impact Assessment and Evidence-Informed Policy Making” in Tirana, Albania on March 11, 2016.