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PERFORM Supports a Project on Serbian-Albanian Relations

A panel discussion entitled “Future Without Enmity: Serbian-Albanian Relations in Perspective” will take place on 26 September 2016 in Dorcol Platz, in Belgrade.

The panel discussion, supported by PERFORM, will gather eminent representatives of the academic, civil and political sector in order to create space for a debate on the future and the perspective of the two nations. The event is a continuation of efforts to foster an engaged approach to social theory in the region and public debate on all important social issues. 

A trailer for a documentary film on Serbian-Albanian relations will be premiered at the event as well. The film will combine interviews with academics and prominent public figures from both societies, as well as historical documents, archive footage, cutting edge graphic animation, and point of views of ordinary Albanians and Serbs to try to understand how the figure of the enemy was born, how it evolved during the common history and how it came to become the constitutive element of how two nations see each other.

The panel discussion is part of a larger 3-day conference on Serbian-Albanian relations, so for more details on the programme, please visit Politics of Enmity: Can Nation Ever Be Emancipatory?

This initiative builds on the results of the project “Figuring Out the Enemy: Re-imagining Serbian-Albanian Relations” implemented by the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory in cooperation with partners from Kosovo and Albania, and with the support of another SDC project – Regional Research Promotion Programme (RRPP).