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Albanian Scientific Diaspora: Facilitating Connectivity with Domestic Actors

On 27 June 2016, PERFORM NCU Albania hosted a roundtable focused on "Facilitating Connectivity between the Science Diaspora and the Albanian National Science System - Main Factors for an Enabling Environment”.

Two renown researchers from Switzerland, Dr Gabriela Tejada from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), and Dr Bashkim Iseni, Executive Director of, were the main speakers of the workshop, joined by representatives of Albanian institutions, researchers engaged in projects focusing on the scientific diaspora, as well as an SDC project RISI Albania.

Dr Tejada focused her presentation on the key factors that contribute to an attractive and enabling environment for the collaboration between science diaspora and home community, presenting results from research and experience in different countries. While, Dr Iseni introduced the participants to the experience with operating and talked about the factors that facilitate collaboration between diaspora and home community, and how both could benefit mutually.

During the roundtable, the participants emphasised that countries of origin should use their diaspora’s competences and promote connectivity as a main tool for using those competences. 

Mapping of Albanian Scientific Diaspora is an important first step in designing approaches that successfully engage such communities.