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Creative Economy as a Solution to Local Economic Development

Creative Economy Group in partnership with the Standing Committee of Towns and Municipalities organised on June 15th in Belgrade the Third Creative Economy Forum, where 140 participants had a chance to discuss reasons and solutions for underperforming development of local communities.

Creative Economy Group is a part of research team within the Academy of Arts, which is one of the implementing institutions of PERFORM and PPS pilot projects on evidence-based policy making. The Group invited PERFORM and other research teams participating in the pilot projects to take part in the conference, which helped establish closer links among research teams and enabled knowledge sharing on a topic of common interest. 
Conclusions of the Third Forum were that sustainable development has to be based on systemic solutions, affirming holistic approach to the development of creative economy and better integration of creative economy principles – more efficient protection of intellectual property, measures that directly support development of creative industries and creative entrepreneurship, protection and improvement of diverse creative expressions and stimulation of innovations.