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Regional Conference of Junior Scientists Opened

Belgrade, April 19 2016 – Regional conference “Junior Scientists Developing an Opinion Paper in the Frame of the Joint Science Conference of the Western Balkan Process” started today at Belgrade Art Hotel in Belgrade.

The conference was opened by Mr Lucian Brujan, Senior Scientific Officer at the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, Mr Georg Brunner from the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and Mr Viktor Nedovic, Assistant Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development in charge of International Cooperation and European Integration.

Gathering at the conference are 30 junior scientists from the Western Balkan region in order to form a joint opinion on their position in national science systems and propose concrete measures for overcoming the issues they face.

Young scientists from the fields of natural, social and technical sciences will discuss the problems that they face in their respective countries, such as funding of science projects, mobility, deepening expertise and research skills, and networking with colleagues from the EU.

At the end of the conference, the participants will select three of their colleagues to represent them at the 2nd Joint Science Conference in Vienna, May 22-24, 2016 and the key points of the opinion paper will be included in the next Summit of the Heads of States of the Western Balkans in Paris, in July 2016.