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PPS Announces Public Call for Science Research Organisations

On February 22nd 2016 the Public Policy Secretariat in cooperation with PERFORM, announced a Public Call for Accredited Science Research Organisations (institutes, faculties, universities and centres of excellence).

Three institutes will be selected to conduct researches on three research topics in the field of social sciences, nominated by two ministries and the Commission for Protection of Competition. Results of those researches will be used for evidence based policy making or legal framework preparation in specific area.

The Public Call refers to the following research topics:
  1. Ministry of Economy: The Level of Corporate Governance in Public Companies Founded by Republic of Serbia
  2. Ministry of Youth and Sports: Analysis of Regulatory Framework of Entrepreneurship in Three Most Perspective Areas with Proposed Simplification of Business for Young Entrepreneurs 
  3. Commission for Protection of Competition: Market Analysis of Aftersales Services (Aftermarkets)

On March 2nd 2016, another Public Call was published by the Public Policy Secretariat in cooperation with PERFORM, for the fourth research topic nominated by the Ministry of Culture and Media: Analysis of the Organisation and Capacities of the Institutes for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Serbia.