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Initial Workshop with the Representatives of Selected Ministries

The initial workshop with the selected institutions that will participate in Pilot Projects for Evidence-Based Policy Making was held at the Public Policy Secretariat (PPS) on January 18th 2016.

Director of PPS, Ms Jasna Atanasijevic, welcomed the representatives of all institutions participating in the pilots - Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Culture and Media and Commission for Protection of Competition. The workshop focused on the guidelines for creating the Terms of Reference for researchers, and the participants had an opportunity to share their own expectations of research projects. Mr Ninoslav Kekic, coordinator of the pilot projects on behalf of PPS, also presented to the group the project timeline and all activities planned throughout the project.
Deadlines for submission of ToRs were set for each ministry and the Commission for Protection of Competition, as well as for nominating people who will represent them in the Pilot Projects Steering Committee, which is expected to be formed by end of April 2016.

*Photos by Aleksandra Martinovic