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Second Issue of “Kerkimi” Statistical Journal Launched

On December 17, 2018, INSTAT and Agenda Institute launched the 2nd issue of “Kerkimi” statistical journal. Using a roundtable format to promote the journal and invite academics and NGOs for a public discussion, the Editorial and Scientific Board of the journal focused on the future steps of such an initiative. 

The publication of such a statistical journal has been welcomed by academics, who see this as an opportunity to cooperate and to produce better quality qualitative research and approach policy makers with evidence based recommendations. 

Among present participants, the majority were researchers and lectures at several universities such as Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana, and European University of Tirana, Agricultural University of Tirana, as well as think tank and CSO representatives. The lively discussions focused mainly on the advantages of INSTAT as the home of data in Albania and the need to connect this data with academia. 

Dr Martin Dietz talked about the support that PERFORM has been giving since the beginning, followed by internal meetings such as Strategic Workshop and SWOT analysis, which shall serve to INSTAT as a guide to medium and long term strategic goals.

Mr Alban Cela, Director of Agricultural and Environmental Statistics from INSTAT stated that the institution is committed to take further steps such as apply for the ISSN number, as well as provide to the editorial board and INSTAT staff training for capacity building. 

“We have ongoing partnerships with University of Stockholm and together we will conduct training modules for staff capacity building as well as promote the idea of co-author submissions to this journal.”

Mrs Blerina Subashi, Head of Sector for Socio-Demographic Analysis at INSTAT and a member of the Editorial Board, focused on added values of this journal in the market: 

“INSTAT is knowledgeable and proficient in the most updated statistical analysis techniques, in line with EUROSTAT, the institute has the biggest amount of data and thus combined with academic experience it would provide high quality papers.”

This initiative has been supported by PERFORM since the beginning in June 2018, when the first issue was published. Currently, there is an open call for submissions for the third issue planned for June 2019, so follow the link to apply.