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The State of Research Methodology and Design at the University of Tirana

On November 13th, PERFORM and University of Tirana organised the final round table on "Research Methodology and Design" at the Rectorate of the University of Tirana. 

Earlier this year, PERFORM supported two international experts, Dr Michael Nollert and Dr Federico Giulio Sicurella, to produce a report on the current state of research methods at master level at the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of History and Philology. The report focused on the assessment of research education at several levels. The aim of this round table was to discuss their findings and possible next steps for the University of Tirana.

PERFORM Manager Dr Martin Dietz noted that this project brings a milestone contribution to improvement of research education in Albania:

"This process happened at the time of accreditation. I think it is a good example of how to improve the quality of courses through a consultative process with different experts."

Dr Ivo Staub from the University of Fribourg focused on recommendations for the future and stressed the need for cooperation between all entities of the University of Tirana in bachelor and master level. 

The participants were invited by the Deputy Rector, Dr Gentiana Kera to form a working group, in order to adopt some of the recommendations provided in the report.