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COORP Achievements Presented

On November 19, the team of the Collaborative Offline Online Research Platform - COORP presented achievements and plans for future development in a round table with researchers, project managers and representatives from PERFORM and Swiss Embassy in Albania.


In the last two years of operations, under the support and facilitation of PERFORM, COORP has worked with more than 200 researches in Albania in three main lines: 


  1. Empowerment of Albanian research community by facilitating interoperability, networking and collaboration in Albania and beyond;
  2. Better performance to access and obtain research funds through increased capacities of researchers; and 
  3. Assistance and complementary service provision and support to research community in Albania.



COORP has brought innovative approaches in the Albanian social science research scene by piloting collaboration mechanisms with the Albanian scientific diaspora, and bringing renown Albanian researchers to exchange experiences and connect with Albanian researchers, such as Dr Gezim Visoka from Dublin City University, and Prof. Lea Ypi, from the London School of Economics. 


COORP has also engaged in piloting collaboration mechanisms to link research and business sectors, concluding in implementing three pilots to test such mechanisms. 


During the event, collaborators of COORP shared their experiences, Elvin Gjevori, a researcher in political science working at the European University of Tirana, talked about the engagement of diaspora facilitated by COORP as a mechanism for connectivity and exchange of experiences. 


Nevila Xhindi, senior researcher in sustainable development, presented the support provided by COORP to researchers and organisations in the past year in project application particularly for EU funding. In her note, Adea Pirdeni appreciated the capacity building workshops on research methodology organised by COORP in cooperation with Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex.



“COORP has managed to create a gravitational centre/hub for proactive researchers, project managers and lecturers working in research and project development in Albania, mainly in social sciences, but also in informatics. This could not have been done without the financial support of PERFORM, the high commitment of the COORP team and the increasing demand from the research community”, said Blerjana Bino, co-founder of COORP.


Drawing on the results achieved so far, the support and interest by Albanian research community in COORP activities, and the potential for further growth, COORP Co-Leaders want to establish COORP as a resource centre to facilitate quality research in the Albanian Social Science Research Sector, aiming at its integration into the European Research Area and impact in society.  



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The Collaborative Offline Online Research Platform (COORP) is PERFORM's flagship initiative in Albania that supports the social science research community to increase research design and methodological skills, connect locally, regionally and internationally, and access international research funds. 


COORP came to light in June 2016 as a joint initiative of two Albanian researchers, Blerjana Bino from social sciences, and Fabjan Lashi from ICT, who wanted to address issues of lack of skills to access research funding, isolation and limited of cooperation of researchers within the country, and lack of access to state of the art methodological skills. For more information, please visit