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Call for International Consultant for an Assessment of Master Programme Courses on Research Methodologies

PERFORM is seeking an international expert to assess the research methodology courses in the study programmes of the Faculty of History and Philology in Tirana, Albania. This includes gaining a better understanding of the quality and topicality of the methodological education, as well as evaluating the methodological courses at the Master level (MSc, MA), along with providing targeted recommendations on how to improve the content of the respective courses.


The Contractor will produce a report, which will address the following objectives: 

  1. Providing an analysis of all aspects of the methodological education in the current study programmes including, but not limited to, the following components:
    • Comparison of the courses with the current state-of-the-art in an international context and with regards to the different traditions within the academic disciplines;
    • Evaluation of the methodological training in selected study programmes and an evaluation of the quality, topicality and specialization of the offered courses, as well as how the current courses in methodological education provide important skills to conduct scientific research (ex. MA thesis; PhD thesis);
    • Identification of good practices in the didactics of teaching methods that can be replicated in the Albanian context.
  2. Developing clear, concise and comprehensive recommendations for measures addressing the improvement of the content of these courses and their alignment with the current state-of-the-art in the respective fields of science.

The study programmes and methodological courses from the respective study programmes have to be selected in cooperation with the faculty and departments of the University of Tirana and PERFORM, the focus is on social science. The assessment will be performed in cooperation with members of the faculties and will be assisted by a local expert.


The expert is expected to produce an assessment report, which shall include:

  • An evaluation of the content of the methodological courses in the different study programmes, including the quality, topicality and coherence of the courses, the methodological training instruments (e.g. with software, homework), the positioning of the courses within the study programmes and their comparison to international standards;
  • Clear, concise and targeted recommendations for measures to be taken, so as to adjust methodological education at Master level in line with the standards in Western European Universities. They should lead to an improvement of the courses, study materials and a higher capacity to conduct cutting-edge research (if implemented).



  • Post-Graduate Degree in the field of History and/or Social Sciences.


Experience and competences:

  • At least 10 years of relevant research experience in the field of history and/or social sciences;
  • Good understanding of the university curricula;
  • Experience in developing policy-oriented research; 
  • Experience in assessing evidence-informed decision-making; 
  • Experience with internationally funded research projects;
  • Excellent analytical and writing skills;
  • Proven team worker;
  • Willingness to travel to Albania.



  • Full professional fluency in English.



This assignment will cover the period of 1 August 2018 – 15 October 2018. 


Please download full Terms of Reference here.


Please submit your application in English language to the following email address: 


The deadline for submission is 18 July 2018.