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Call for Tender for Design and Development of an E-platform

PERFORM is seeking to contract a local IT company in Albania, which will design, develop and maintain an e-platform on framing science in Albania’s historical context. The website needs to provide a learning environment, which will enable the visitors to find and analyse multimedia content about the communist regime in Albania. The material on the website will try to bring the experiences, thoughts, feelings and problems of people who lived during this era to life.


Technical Specifications

The IT company will be required to create a website ensuring the completion of the following tasks and functionalities within the required time-line:

  1. Content Management System (CMS): The website should be built using the latest stable version of WordPress;
  2. Interactive and appealing web design:  It is expected from the hired company to show-case their best elements in delivering a best suited website design option. Multimedia material and interactivity elements should also be an important element of the website;
  3. The website should be compatible with the W3C standards;
  4. Language: The website should be in Albanian;
  5. Search: The website should offer basic and advanced search options;
  6. Secured & Authenticated Web Access: The website should be secured through a SSL Certificate. This means all access to the website should be authenticated. Members in different agencies / different locations / state should be able to access it with ease;
  7. Compatibility: The website should be compatible and easily accessible from all web browsers (Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer);
  8. Responsiveness: The website should be responsive and mobile friendly;
  9. Survey & Poll: The website should be able to conduct a survey of more than 10 to 20 questions and polling / voting system should also be available;
  10. Comments: functionality for registered users;
  11. Spam prevention: functionality for administrators of the website;
  12. Level of Access Rights for users:
    • Users with Read permission;
    • Users with Read and write permission; 
    • Users with Read, Write and Delete permission; 
    • Administrator; 
  13. Analytics: The website should be configured to provide analytics regarding the numbers of visitors of the site, where they are visiting from, how did they get to the website, the frequency of the visits, which pages where accessed; (and other standard Usage Analysis features). The platform used to get the analytics for the website should be an open source solution. 
  14. Newsletter: The website should allow users to subscribe for receiving a daily/weekly/monthly newsletter. 
  15. Social media: the website should include buttons which lead visitors to the pilot intervention’s social media accounts, as well as share buttons to easily share posts/content from the website; 
  16. Data Protection: The website should include relevant data protection mechanisms, in line with Albanian laws and, especially, in line with the new EU data protection policy (GDPR) that entered in effect on May 25, 2018; 
  17. Copyright: The website should be protected by copyright issues. All the relevant logos and identifiers, as well as the material used as part of the design of the website, should be released under a creative commons share alike license unless otherwise noted; 
  18. Cookies: The website should use cookies and have the proper cookie notification displayed on the homepage; 
  19. SEO: The website should have a good online visibility using the best SEO techniques in order to have high ranking on search engines; 
  20. Open Source: The code of the website should be released under a public license and uploaded in Github or Gitlab platform; 
  21. The website should have implemented an RSS feed to allow users to access updates to other online content.


1 August – 30 November 2018


Download full Terms of Reference here


Please submit your application in English language to the following email address: 


The deadline for submission is 15 July 2018 by midnight.