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INSTAT Publishes First Issue of the “Kërkimi” Journal, through the Support of PERFORM

Following an agreement signed in March 2018, INSTAT, AGENDA Institute and PERFORM have joined efforts in creating the biannual publication “KËRKIMI - Journal on Statistics and Socio-Economic Analyses”. The journal’s first issue was launched yesterday at the “Musine Kokalari”.

“Kërkimi aims to serve as a platform for researchers to exchange methods of data collection and analysis, as well as a bridge between researchers, statisticians and practitioners, particularly on important topics related to the socio-economic development of the country", said Mrs Ibrahimaj, General Director of INSTAT.


She also invited academic institutions and research centres to partner with INSTAT and contribute to upcoming issues of the publication. 


The first issue of the journal contained 11 articles, with topics ranging from statistical methods to analysis of socio-economic issues relevant for Albania, organised as scientific articles and informative articles. The latter ones address a broader audience and try to explain phenomena related to INSTAT-collected data, including methodological aspects, compliance to new international standards or introduction to new measuring techniques, in a simpler and more accessible way. 


The dual nature of articles included in the journal aims to position it as an important and useful instrument for decision-makers, policy-makers, researchers, and various interest groups. 

During the event, the panel discussion touched upon important considerations, such as the need for good quality data and evidence collected with appropriate methodologies; the need for rigorous, high-quality research, that will make “Kërkimi” an attractive and sustainable publication; as well as the need to foster more frequent and meaningful exchanges between the research and policy-making sphere for effective evidence informed policymaking. 

Finally, a Call for Papers for the second issue of the journal was launched. The thematic focus of the second issue is on Sustainable Development, Welfare and Statistical Methods for their Measurement. The deadline for submission of manuscripts is 15 September 2018.