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Workshop on Policy Research Design Held in Tirana

“Policy research design – Building a solid foundation for policy influence” -  was the main topic  of a  3-day workshop taking place May 16-18, 2018, organised in the framework of “Policy Research for Young Academics Programme” implemented  by  PERFORM, Municipality of Tirana and the Academy of Political Studies.

Municipality of Tirana selected 5 important policy topics in need of research evidence for their regulatory framework and decision-making process. The research on these five topics will be conducted by a group of selected researchers who will work together in teams of two and develop a policy paper on one of the assigned topics. 

To support researchers in this work, the training focused on consolidating the research design and working together with the Municipality’s staff on concrete issues that researchers intend to address. 

The workshop was facilitated and supervised by the trainers of the International Centre for Policy Advocacy (ICPA), Berlin-based organisation empowering researchers to participate more meaningfully in policymaking.

Participants were very satisfied with the workshop, stating that it provided them with the much needed tools and a road map on how to proceed with further drafting and planning of their research.

The researchers will continue to be mentored and supported as their research and policy papers develop.  

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