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Young PhD Students Presented Their Theses to the Public

Nineteen young PhD students in social sciences and humanities presented their theses in 3 minutes to the public at Share.Connect.impACT on Friday, 18 May 2018 at Student City Cultural Centre.

The aim of the event, organised jointly by PERFORM, UNESCO MOST programme and Student City Cultural Centre, was to connect PhD students across Serbia and give them an opportunity to communicate their work in a new and innovative way. The students were given a challenging task to present their most comprehensive research to date in just 3 minutes and no more than 5 slides, and show how their work is relevant to the development of our society.  

Nineteen students from Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad rose to the challenge on Friday and wowed the audience with their work on a variety of topics in the field of social sciences and humanities, such as development of „smart“ cities, solving varoius gender issues, how responsibly do teenagers use social media, life of our ancestors in Medievial times, etc.

„I came here to meet fellow PhD students, see what they are working on and if there was anyone else working on a similar topic to mine. This was a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and test our skills in such a new format,“ said Zarko Radjenovic from the University of Novi Sad whose research aims to improve electronic systems in healthcare institutions and enhance the experience of both patients and doctors.

„My topic deals with brain drain and specifically how our students who receive scholarships to study abroad are tracked and treated after they return to Serbia. I believe there is a lot we can do to improve their position and utilise their great potential“, said Nena Vasiljevic from the University of Belgrade.

Prof. Dr Goran Milasinovic, the President of the UNESCO Committee in Serbia said that we need more programmes like these that would foster young researchers who would contribute relevant evidence for policy makers. 


The audience had an opportunity to vote for the best presentation and the winner of the first Share.Connect.impACT is Marija Malovic from the Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy, with her PhD thesis on the pedagogical potential of city playgrounds for pre-school children. Marija received a 500 EUR prize, which she will be able to use for participation at an international conference of her choice.


„I didn’t apply so I can win a prize, I applied because I wanted to share my work with others. What probably resonated with the audience is my passion for this topic. My hope is that once I finish this research, it will be useful for our society and especially for our children“, said the winner.  

The event is part of PERFORM’s work on supporting young social science researchers to improve their position in the national science system and contribute more to the reform processes in Serbia. 


*Photos by Aleksandar Andjic