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PERFORM Signs MoU on the Role of Scientific Research during the Communist Regime

PERFORM and the Authority for Information on Documents of the Former State Security signed last Friday a Memorandum of Understanding on the role of science in the development of the society during the early years of establishment of the communist regime (1945-1954).

This cooperation aims at investigating and building a narrative on the role of science and scientific research in the development of Albania’s society in its historical context, along with its linking to the current development processes.  

The ceremony, held at the Academy of Sciences, saw the participation of Ms Gentiana Sula, Chairperson of the Authority for Information on Documents of the Former State Security; Mr Christoph Graf, Ambassador of Switzerland to Albania; Prof. As. Dr Sonila Boçi, Institute of History, Lead Researcher, and Dr Martin Dietz, PERFORM Manager. 


“I hope that the broken link between the early work in social sciences in Albania and today’s efforts can be restored. I imagine that for many social scientists it will be beneficial to study and learn from the work of early Albanian academics and social scientists. Despite the tragic circumstances of their lives, let us at least rescue their intellectual contributions. This is what this new agreement will strive to achieve”, said Ambassador Graf.

The panellists outlined the importance that this research and communication project has for the Albanian society, aiming to shed light on an important moment in the history of the country. Research – as an ongoing process - needs to get back on the country’s agenda and become a transversal priority, to strengthen democratisation and transformation processes of Albania.

“The Authority in  collaboration  with PERFORM, through the consolidation of genuine archival research, aims at strengthening  the cooperation with various educational  institutions by launching interactive  platforms  and  enhancing  the dialogue  with the wider community to build up a sound relationship with the past”, stated Ms Gentiana Sula, Chairperson of the Authority for Information on Documents of the Former State Security. 

The ceremony served also to commemorate the complex profile of Mr Selahudin Toto, the first director of the Institute of Science, on the anniversary of his birth. Mr Toto was a bright intellectual with a dramatic fate.

An interactive communication platform, which the public will be able to access electronically, will be established at the end of the project.