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DK Studentski grad, 18 May 2018


PERFORM in cooperation with UNESCO programme MOST and Cultural Centre Studentski grad invites PhD candidates in the field of social science and humanities to present their doctoral theses/ideas in an innovative format to their colleagues, students, Government representatives and the general public.



Present your idea in 3 minutes and up to 5 slides. Remeber that the audience will be quite diverse, so make sure your idea is presented in a simple and engaging way, that will be understandable to everyone.   



Connect with colleagues from your own and other scientific fields, exchange ideas and opinions, forge new alliances, launch innovative projects, or offer support to younger colleagues.



Use the opportunity to present your work to the represenatives of relevant ministries and hear about their research needs. 



The best presentation wins a 500 EUR scholarship for a global conference of your choice.



If you don’t have a lot of experience in public speaking, don’t worry! PERFORM will provide a one-day training on May 3rd in Belgrade that will help you shine on stage. 



For paricipants travelling to Belgrade, PERFORM will cover the transportation cost.



Apply by 30 April 2018 by filling out this online application form  

UPDATE: The new deadline for applications is now 11 May 2018.