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Sharing Knowledge and Good Practices with Belgrade Students

Public Policy Secretariat (PPS) and PERFORM hosted second year students of Theatre, Radio and Culture Management and Production of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts to share the experience of pilot projects on evidence based policymaking conducted last and again this year.


Professor Vesna Djukic and her Teaching Assistant Virdzinija Djekovic were part of the expert research team for one of the pilot projects commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Media, so they wanted their students to learn first-hand about the research-to-policy process. 


“This type of class that provides interaction of students with the real actors in the system is very important so that they can expand their interests and practical knowledge of the cultural policies”, said Virdzinija Djekovic.


Representatives of PPS and PERFORM talked about the importance of collaboration between researchers and policy makers and explained the process of policy institutions commissioning policy-relevant research and then using the acquired results to create better policies.  


Students were actively participating in the presentation and expressed genuine interest for the topic, asking questions about the position of PPS and their political neutrality when giving opinions on the laws, and how the ministries further use research results. They were quite impressed with the models of collaboration of policy makers and researchers that were established through the PERFROM project. 


The second cycle of policy-oriented research projects for 2017/2018 includes 8 policy-oriented researches commissioned by 6 decision makers - 15 institutions in total are involved in 20 different teams.


Professor Djukic thanked PPS and PERFORM for time dedicated to students and said

“I believe that students will now have a clearer picture of what evidence-based policymaking is, having the opportunity to hear about the rich experience of PPS and PERFORM working on improving the collaboration between researchers and decision makers”.