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PERFORM Signs an Agreement with Public Policy Secretariat

Belgrade, November 16, 2015 – PERFORM and Public Policy Secretariat of the Government of Serbia signed today a Project Agreement, which defines framework of cooperation on implementation of pilot projects that will enable collaboration of groups of social science researchers/institutions/CSOs and relevant government ministries on specific policy topics.

The Public Policy Secretariat (PPS), which is a recently established (2014) government body in charge of coordinating policy making processes at the central government level expressed interest in making the policy-making process more evidence-based. For that purpose, the Secretariat proposed to develop pilot initiatives for evidence-based policy making in different areas, which are expected to be finalised by November 2016. 

The main goals of this cooperation are to contribute to initiating and expanding systemic links between social science research and policy making, and to the development and testing of procedures and mechanisms for communication and cooperation between social science research groups and respective ministries. 

PERFORM expects that these pilots will lead to establishing better links among different social science research groups (research institutes, think tanks and other policy research CSOs), eventually making the ‘voice’ of social sciences and their influence on policy making process stronger.