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As part of the new cycle of policy-oriented research implemented in partnership with the Public Policy Secretariat, PERFORM organised a workshop on January 16-17, 2018 entitled “Working Towards Effective Practice in Evidence-Based Policymaking”.


The workshop was intended for the researchers and government representatives whose ministries nominated research topics to be conducted by selected research institutions in the next six months. The main objective of the workshop was to connect decision makers and researchers and practice the established mechanisms and procedures that were developed in the last year’s pilot project.


The trainers provided their feedback on the ToR developed by respective Commissioners (from the Ministries) and research designs proposed by the research institutes. The participants expressed high satisfaction with the quality of the workshop programme and its contribution to a better understanding of evidence-based policy making.


“The workshop was very practical and interactive, and it was good to have both representatives of the public sector and researchers working in different groups – grouped around research topics (decision makers and selected researchers), only decision makers and only researchers, and so on”, said one of the participants.


The workshop was conducted by the International Centre for Policy Advocacy (ICPA).