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PERFORM supported a regional workshop “Feminism, Knowledge Production and Social Change: Critical Perspectives from the Semi-periphery of Europe” organised by the Section for Feminist Research and Critical Studies of Masculinity (SEFEM), association within the Sociological Association of Serbia and Montenegro. 

Feminist researchers from Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Turkey, France and Sweden gathered in Belgrade to share knowledge and discuss different perspectives on feminism in academia, culture, society and public policies. 

Twenty three researches were presented at the workshop that will be part of a special thematic issue of the “Sociology” journalFeminism, Knowledge Production and Social Change: Critical Perspectives from the Semi-periphery of Europe”. 

Feminism and women’s movements in Eastern and Southeast Europe continuously generate high level of interest in transnational gender study communities. However, the links between sociology, social research and feminism in societies in question are consistently weak, and feminist knowledge is only marginally connected to mainstream sociology as an academic discipline. 

Theoretical advancements in sociology, social theory and feminist theory develop mostly independently and without a dialogue. In countries “in transition” feminism has been largely understood as daily political practice and reduced to “policy making” while its fundamental transformational role in knowledge production and consequently in the production of a progressive social change has been largely marginalised. 

The attitudes of both sides, feminist scholars and dominant sociology scene in the societies at the semi-periphery of Europe, have complex epistemic, theoretical and practical/political implications, which will be explored in this thematic issue and brought to light for the purpose of constructive dialogue between feminist and sociology scholarly communities.PERFORM is supporting the publication of this special issue of Sociology Journal, published by the Sociological Association of Serbia and Montenegro and the Institute for Sociological Research of the Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade.