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Working Towards Effective Practice in EBPM

With the aim of providing international expertise in development and realisation of four pilot policy research projects, PERFORM organised a two-day workshop for civil servants, representatives of ministries and research institutes participating in the PERFORM pilot project entitled “Working Towards Effective Practice in Evidence Based Policy Making”.

Workshop took place in Hotel Sloboda, Sabac, April 26-27, 2016 and was conducted by two experts from the International Centre for Policy Advocacy (ICPA) Eóin Young & Katarina Staronova.

The main goal of this workshop was to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and resources to better understand and navigate an evidence-based policy making process and thus strengthen their research designs and plans for the PERFORM pilot policy research development process.
Representatives of the ministries and research institutes had an opportunity to get feedback on their research designs, that should make pilots more methodologically consistent, understandable and attainable. During the workshop, participants also had an opportunity to get to know each other better and make basis for future cooperation.  

Based on participants’ evaluation, their undivided opinion is that good organisation of the event, dedication and expertise of the facilitators enabled opportunity and time for joint discussion, harmonisation of the views, determining the dynamics and content of future work.